Open Minded Software

We craft digital products that impact the way we build, deliver and interact with content.

Soft Gravity is a growing team of young, passionate and highly-skilled professionals that enjoys working with cutting-edge technologies. Either working on our own products, or contributing to scalability and growth of our clients and partners, we are committed to delivering professional and innovative solutions.


Customer first

Great products have one thing in common. They are loved by their users. We focus on users and their needs and then test and validate, and prototype before we build. We are not your typical digital agancy and we are proud of it.


It does matter how things are build. We use same tools and engineering practices that have found their home in Silicon valley. We call Toronto, Waterloo, Belgrade and San Francisco our home. Our engineering team is diverse and global.

Agile & Lean

We develop software in iterative fashion, starting with most imporant and riskiest items first. Our objective to deliver hightest value in rapid sucession and get you to shippable product in shortest possible time, while maitaining the full transparency

Featured work


unroole has been incredibly easy for our volunteers to use. We've given them virtually no training, all volunteers were picking it up really fast.

Erin McInnis, Manager, Games News Service of Toronto2015 Pan Am Games

We have worked with Soft Gravity for number of years leading up to the engagement with the PanAm Games. Fuse brought design and digital marketing experience to the partnership. Soft Gravity brought world class system engineering and development. 

Lane Buie, Vice President, Digital, Fuse Marketing Group