Our story

Get to know us

Soft Gravity is a growing team of young, passionate and highly-skilled professionals that enjoys working with cutting-edge technologies. We come from different backgrounds and offer diverse ideas, experiences and opinions in our roles, but we all share a common desire to simplify the complex digital world through applied innovation.

Creating memorable experiences

Using technology we envision new concepts, products and intereactive experiences to help you create new, unique and memorable experiences for our audience.

Extended digital team

Our speciality is building complex web and mobile solutions running in the cloud. We are your extended digital innovation team. We'll do brainstorming, design, prototype and finally deliver market ready solution at speed todays market demands.

Digital meets physical

We build mash-ups by connecting systems, devices and data into a cohesive unified experience. Our flagship platform unroole.com was born out of idea to create the platform where we can easily glue other systems together.

Agile development

Our success relies on working together with our clients, and we insist that we work together. In our world each sprint ends with running, testable functionality that is accepted by our client.

Innovation at the heart of every project

Our lab is our bloodline and your canvas. We brew new products for our clients as well for us.

Innovating together

We are your innovation team. Innovation is inherent in our culture and we partner with our clients to share risks and innovate togeher.