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Equifax uses a Parallax Scrolling Animated Website for their B2B Solutions

Equifax is a leading consumer credit reporting agency in North America. Looking for an innovative way to showcase Equifax's Canadian business-to-business solutions, Soft Gravity in partnership with FUSE Marketing Group developed a parallax scrolling animated website. This mesmerizing technology makes EquifaxB2BSolutions.ca a pleasure to navigate and fun to use.


EquifaxB2BSolutions.ca – An Engaging User Experience

Developed for use on tablets, laptops and desktops, the user has full control of the animation by simply using gestures on an iPad or scrolling with a mouse. The amount the user scrolls determines the movement of each of the 42 animations, giving the website a free-flowing feeling that makes the information easily accessible and captivating to view. While swiping or scrolling allows the user to navigate the website, there is also the option to use buttons along the right-hand side to view each page. Utilizing these buttons still cycles through the animations and gives the user the ability to go directly to certain information.

EquifaxB2BSolutions.ca – Behind the Design

This parallax scrolling animated website started with a photoshop document. A javascript scrolling framework is used to create key frames that are input into another javascript framework that controls the animated components. For use on the iPad, a third framework is used to convert gestures into scrolling movements and then turned into steps of the animation. A total of 755 lines of javascript code are used to make this beautiful website run so smoothly. In addition, even though there appears to be only one screen, all actions are recorded by Google Analytics to help Equifax discover more about their viewers behavior.

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