Fans Flock to Interac by the Numbers

Facebook Fans Flock to Interac By the Numbers

In recent years, credit card companies have been campaigning for customers to make all their purchases with their credit cards to “collect points.” Our team worked with FUSE Marketing Group to develop a customized Facebook contest application that promoted the benefits of using your own money instead of credit by highlighting the downfalls of accruing interest on your credit card balance.

  • Generated close to 10,000 additional Facebook “likes”
  • Resulted in more than 2500 contest entrants
  • Dynamic fun facts and calculations all based on user’s birthdate

Interac’s By the Numbers Facebook Contest Showcase the Downfalls of Accruing Interest

Using the Facebook API Interac’s By the Numbers contest pulled the fan’s year of birth to generate a pseudo credit card balance. Fun facts such as “Back in 1989, the world wide web is conceived,” were dynamically added to the page. Length of time needed to pay back the balance using minimum payments (and other compelling information) was displayed on page one while all the figures were explained on a secondary tab.

The secondary tab allowed the fan to scroll through a breakdown detailing the calculation of the accrued interest. Comparisons of the relative cost of items due to the accrued interest like, “a night at the movies” or “the price of dinner” cycled on the screen. With a single click, all of these fun facts and numbers could be posted on the contestant’s Facebook Feed.

Promoting Interac’s Debt Management Methods

In addition to the numbers, Interac demonstrated “How can I limit this?” by providing financial tips such as using your own money to make standard purchases, like groceries, gas or coffee. To enter the contest the fan completed a branded entry form including their own Saving Tip.

Over the course of the contest about 10,000 new fans “Liked” their Facebook page, and many shared the contest on their own Facebook Feed. This helped Interac to increase the impressions of their contest as well as extend reach and drive more traffic to their page.

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