Indoor Location Based Services

Engage your customers through wifi hotspots

  • Engage your customers in your environment.
  • Offer promotions relevant to customer location.
  • Wi-Fi alternative to iBeacons
  • Analyze traffic behaviors.
  • Optimize staffing and operations.

Indoor Location Based Services

It’s the new currency of marketing and a path to a deep understanding of your customers behavior. At its heart Location Based Services is the combination of knowing where your customer is (generally via GPS outside of a building or indoor via Wi-Fi, iBeacons or similar location technologies) and the ability to offer your customer a service, promotion or content based on that location.

Soft Gravity's Indoor Location Based (iLBS) Solution

Our iLBS Solution combines our proven, high-volume, high-reliability, cloud-based web content management system (WCMS) with Cisco’s MSE/CMX platform to deliver unique indoor LBS experiences to your customers. Its modular nature allows you to geo-fence communal areas, specific vendors, activities and facilities and for you to easily customize the interaction between customers and content.


  • Quickly create and modify content, promotions and communications for individual areas (e.g. stores)
  • Maintain an overall consistent user experience


  • Observe and analyze what is occurring across different branches/locations
  • Easy to access cloud-based solution


  • Easily create and modify zones within the coverage area
  • Automatically reflect new promotions, events, etc.


  • Monitor, interact and communicate with users instantly based on their constantly updated location
  • Content dynamically changes on user device

Soft Gravity is a proud Cisco Development Partner and member of the Cisco Development Network in Toronto, Canada. Specifically we’re focused on developing software using indoor Wi-Fi and other technologies to provide your company with customer location and behavior information within retail, hospital, airport, event venues (like tradeshows and sporting events) and other environments.

If you’re interested in the future of location based services development and how it works drop us a line in the contact form below this page. If you’d like to sit down and discuss how location based services may apply to your strategies for customer engagement then please contact us and we’d be happy to share what we know.

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