Mobile Briefcase

Content Delivery for the iPad

  • Compelling content at the door. 
  • Control the conversation. 
  • Capture information. 
  • Reduce printing costs.

Sound Familiar?

Does your company employ field sales teams? Would you like ensure your representatives are using up to date sales materials and are sharing compelling content like video or photos when they talk with prospective clients? Are you looking for a way to reduce your substantial printing and distribution costs? 

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Soft Gravity’s Mobile Briefcase is a content presentation app that can be used by your sales force on the ground. Designed for corporate sales teams across North America, you can use Mobile Briefcase to ensure your teams will always have the latest promotional material at their fingertips, allowing you to control the message to customers. Your administrative team can literally create new content today that will be in your representatives’ hands tomorrow (without the substantial printing and distribution costs usually involved).

Mobile Briefcase supports all major file types (Office, OpenOffice, PDFs, videos and pictures). It functions offline, so that your team does not require connectivity while in the field. They simply download the most recent content in the morning before they head out. It’s highly secure, allowing your administration to control down to the document level which representatives can access what. In addition the field agent can share documents with prospective clients like reports, brochures and other engaging content. To help further evolve your materials and improve your sales effectivenss, analytics allow you to see who opened what, how much time they spent on it, and what was shared.

"unroole allow us to coordinate 500 people creating content." - Panam Guy

With customized smart documents (created at an additional cost) your sales force can also capture customer and order information in the field for immediate (if connected) or later (if no connectivity is available) processing. If you’d like to save printing and distribution costs and have your sales force create more engaging customer prospecting experiences please contact us today or visit the Mobile Briefcase website for more information.

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